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What to Look for in a Back Brace

We have come across several lumbar braces over the years and the Aspen Lumbar Brace is our favorite! It has been by far the best quality and best performing brace we have used in the office. It's simple and sleek design allows you to wear it discretely under clothes and the quality is impressive.

A lumbar brace is needed in some cases and this brace is a great option for our patients. It can help ease back pain associated with acute flare-ups, muscles spasms, slips and falls, or extreme muscle fatigue.

This brace is a low cost, medical grade lumbar support that offers targeted compression and trunk stability. The tightening mechanism allows you to independently adjust the top and bottom of the brace to provide localized compression where needed. There are two ergonomic pull tabs which are designed to lay flat but are easy to find by feel. The pull tabs are designed in a way that makes tightening and adjusting your brace extremely easy and comfortable!

If you have any questions or are wondering if this brace is right for you, let us know!

From the desk of Dr. Lisette Miller Kondrad. Dr. Miller is a licensed Chiropractic Physician and Board Certified Acupuncture Provider who has been in clinical practice for 7 years. She has helped hundreds of patients via Chiropractic care and Acupuncture. Click here to contact Clark Road Chiropractic Center with any questions or to schedule your appointment! 

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