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What is Accident Injury Treatment?



Accident sufferers are seen on the same day!


It is important that every accident victim be evaluated by a chiropractor to determine whether or not they have suffered injury of the spinal or pelvic joints and extremities. Typically, the forces involved in a motor vehicle accident or more than the body can handle. Even minor impacts can have serious effects on your health. Evaluations of the delicate spinal vertebra, extremity structures and adjacent soft tissues should all be immediately evaluated by the doctor.


It's important to note that people are often in shock and running on adrenaline immediately after an accident. Because of this, symptoms don't always appear right away. This causes some to delay a needed evaluation and treatment. What may seem like a minor injury may present differently in just a few days or weeks and if left untreated can become major health concerns. 


This situation can be avoided by early Chiropractic evaluation and appropriate timely treatment.


We see accident patients the same day! You will be examined by the doctor who will then determine your course of treatment. X-rays may be taken at the time of examination, if needed, to visualize the underlying bone structures to rule out subluxation and fracture.


We do bill automobile insurance carriers directly for our services as a courtesy to all accident patients.
Please call our office now to set up your consultation and examination at (941) 923-4357. 
Accident Injury


We offer same-day appointments for accident injuries.


Please call our office at

(941) 923-4357

to make an

appointment today.

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