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Purify and Rebuild from the Inside Out

Are you ready to join us? It's that time of year where we like to empty out our toxic load "bucket" in preparation for the upcoming holiday season. An overflowing toxic load bucket can lead to an increase in inflammation, allergic reactions, frequent illness, and a strained immune system. If you decide to join us and commit to this 3 week program, let us know as soon as possible so your supplements will be arrive in time!

Why is a purification program necessary?

There are approximately 80,000 chemicals registered for use in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that hundreds of these chemicals are present in our bodies. Some research shows that certain chemicals may affect our immune, endocrine, nervous, and reproductive systems. Things like free radicals, ammonia, and carbon dioxide are found internally and external toxins from preservatives, cigarette smoke, air and water pollutants, heavy metals, cleaning products, trans fats, and many more. The Standard Process Purification Program stimulates specific detoxification organs in the body — the liver, kidneys, and intestines. With help from these organs, your toxic load can decrease, and your body can concentrate its energy on purification. This can help you achieve optimal health by cleansing the body from the inside out.*

How do I determine my toxic load?

Your toxic load is the amount of toxins that your body must process on a daily basis. The toxic load "bucket" can fill up quickly or slowly depending on lifestyle habits. Some general questions to help determine your toxic load are: Do you or have you eaten processed foods? Do you eat non-organic fruits and vegetables? Do you eat meat that is not organic? Do you or have you ever used artificial sweeteners? Do you drink soda? Do the foods you eat have preservatives, additives, yes, or sweeteners added? Do you eat fast foods and/or eat out regularly? Do you charbroil or grill foods? Do you drink coffee regularly? Do you drink alcohol? Do you drink tap water? If the majority of your answers are “yes,” then it is likely that your diet contributes significantly to your toxic load. Beyond diet, many external toxins — such as personal care products, cleaners, and pollution — add to your load. Completely removing inflammatory foods from your diet, even temporarily, gives way for your body to heal underlying inflammation that may be contributing to symptoms like:

• Stuffy head

• Fatigue or difficulty sleeping

• Indigestion and other temporary gastrointestinal upset

• Food cravings and weight gain

• Reduced mental clarity

• Low libido

• Skin that’s not looking its best

• Joint discomfort

Click Here to fill out the Toxicity Questionnaire.

Program Basics

This particular 21-day purification program includes eating whole, organic and unprocessed foods and eliminating foods that may cause a concern in some individuals; taking supplements with whole foods and other ingredients; and drinking plenty of water. You will eat a variety of vegetables and fruit for the first 10 days, with select proteins added on day 11. It takes all of the guess work out of a "diet" and plans your entire three weeks out for you with a variety of sample meal plans and recipes. The program includes a clear list of approved foods and not approved foods and an easy to follow supplement guide consisting of:

SP Cleanse - Combines 20 unique whole food and botanical ingredients designed to support the body’s normal toxin-removal processes.*

SP Green Food - Contains whole food concentrates from buckwheat, Brussels sprouts, kale, barley grass and alfalfa to help detox the liver and other toxin elimination processes."

Gastro Fiber - A whole fool fiber supplement helping to promote healthy elimination and optimal gut flora.*

On day 11 you will add select protein to your diet which is all laid out for you in the product guide. I hope you consider this program to help you reach all of your health goals! We are happy to discuss it in detail with you if you have more questions.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*All of this information will be found in the 21-day Purification Program Guide which will be included in your purchase as well as a complete shopping list and recipes

*Contact Us to add your name to the list!

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