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Let's talk about Resilience!

In the chiropractic world we talk about immune health quite a bit. It's discussed in length in school, at almost all seminars, and just about every day in our clinics but in mainstream medicine (and mainstream media) it's not something you hear about frequently. As you know, the focus has been almost exclusively on reducing exposure. This is an important part of the equation but it is just one part and by no means a long term strategy.

We strongly encourage you to use this time to reset and refocus! Start creating healthy habits now. We are here to help!

So as most of the country moves into Phase 1 of re-opening, let's talk about the second part of the equation. Your ability to fight, adapt, and overcome. Your resilience! Our immune system develops and strengthens by being exposed to viruses and bacteria daily. These pathogens then spark our immune system to naturally build antibodies. By wiping everything down in Clorox and staying inside we drastically limited that process. Additionally, social isolation, stress, worry, and fear all have a negative effect on our immune health. For these reasons we think it is so important to use this time to Reset and Refocus. Start creating healthy habits now. We are here to help! There are so many services we provide in the office and things you can do at home that will make you feel great and stay healthy!

Services we provide:

  • Standard Process 21-day purification program for detox and gut health

  • Chiropractic adjustment to improve posture, bio mechanics, and joint function

  • Medical massage to remove muscle imbalance and restore muscle tone

  • Acupuncture and cupping to alleviate pain, improve sleep quality, and manage stress

  • Epimune Complex for comprehensive immune support

To do at Home:

  • Cut out sugar and processed food

  • Warm herbal teas and lemon water to balance PH

  • Get outside, breathe fresh air, and be grateful not fearful

  • Meditation, mindfulness, and gentle Yoga

In summary, the key is to reduce your exposure WHILE increasing your resilience. We offer a variety of techniques and tools to help you put up the best fight! These are all things that are inherently designed to improve ALL of your body systems including and especially your immune system! Please give our office a call at (941)923-4357 of contact us online here with any questions or to schedule your appointment.

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Tabitha L
Tabitha L
Oct 03, 2021

Loved readinng this thanks


Thank you for all of this great info. A great reminder (and great new information as well) that we ARE in control of certain things like how we care for our minds and bodies.

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