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Don't Forget the Wrists!

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

I have been seeing a lot of cases of carpal tunnel, trigger finger, and wrist pain over the past several weeks so let's talk about ways to stretch you wrists and hands at home!

The little tiny muscles in your hands and wrist often get overlooked when it comes to stretching. But in fact, its these little muscles that we use most often. Every time you write a note, click a mouse, scroll on your phone, or type up an email those muscles are firing. In addition, while we are all spending more time at home now we are likely using tables, smart phones, and computers more often. This overuse causes these muscles to become over contracted and inflamed. Follow these simple steps if you find yourself suffering from trigger finger, carpal tunnel, wrist pain, or hand pain! And even if you're not in pain it wouldn't be a bad idea to do them anyway! Just a little yoga for your hands!

BE AWARE: Do you have any soreness, pain, or tension? Maybe in the palm of the hand or near your elbow? Just be aware of any pain or discomfort before you start.

STOP IF YOU FEEL PAIN: There is a difference between a good stretch and pain. It's not always easy to tell! Less is more with stretching so if you feel more pain during these stretches than back off a little or skip that one and move on to the next.

CONSISTENCY: Try each of these stretches and hold for 10-20 seconds each. Try to do them a few times in the morning and a few times at night. If you are in pain, try to do them when you feel the pain throughout the day. Give it two weeks of consistent effort and see how you feel!

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