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Advantages of using ArthroStim

I want to officially introduce you to the ArthroStim Instrument. Dr. Kondrad and myself have been using this technique for several years and feel that it adds tremendous value to our treatments and the quality of care we offer to our patients. The ArthroStim has several advantages for a variety of conditions we commonly see in the office and another great perk, it always feels AH-MAZ-ING!

"A practitioner's skilled-hands can do things that instruments cannot do. What instruments have to offer is that they can assist a practitioner's skilled-hands to deliver beneficial mechanical forces that would be difficult, or impossible, to produce on their own."

ArthroStim for the Spine

The ArthroStim activates specific receptors in the body called proprioceptors and mechanoreceptors without actively triggering nociception or a pain response. Instead of a single thrust or force this powerful tool delivers a series of quick taps. The ArthroStim divides the energy of a traditional chiropractic adjustment into “rapid successive inputs" which helps reduce the common muscle guarding effect. With 12-14 taps per second this technique introduces the precise amount of energy needed to correct a misalignment in the spine, similar to a manual chiropractic adjustment, without the "popping" or "cracking". Additionally, there are a variety of ways this tool can be used depending on the person. One of my favorite ways to use this is to reinforce a manual adjustment. By using this technique in conjunction with other techniques we can ensure proper corrections are being made and further retrain the muscles and joints in the spine for optimal benefit. I like to use the ArthroStim while putting the spine in cervical and lumbar extension because it optimizes normal cervical and lumbar lordosis or "C curves" which are essential for proper function and good health!

A few key terms:

  • Proprioceptor: sensory receptor which receives stimuli from within the body, especially one that responds to position and movement.

  • Mechanoreceptor: a sense organ or cell that responds to mechanical stimuli such as touch or sound.

  • Noiceptor: a sensory receptor for painful stimuli.

ArthroStim for the Soft Tissue

When using the ArthroStim for trigger points, we often start with light force and slowly increase pressure as the tone of the muscle changes. Most commonly the ArthroStim can release trigger points in the upper back, shoulders, lower neck, lower back, and both hips. By stimulating the same receptors messages are sent up to the brain which signals the appropriate healing response. Also, the ArthroStim is extremely mobile which allows us to reach almost any muscle in the body. Sometimes patients come in with pain that limits their mobility which makes a traditional chiropractic more challenging. The ArthroStim is a great option for these patients.

Other Advantages of ArthroStim:

  • Effective and lasting results

  • Comfortable and noninvasive

  • Low force and highly precise

  • Excellent for joint or muscle conditions

  • Ideal for seniors and infants

  • Appreciated by those with arthritis

  • Preferred by those who dislike "popping" or "cracking"

From the desk of Dr. Lisette Miller Kondrad. Dr. Miller has been helping patients in clinical practice for 7 years. She has additional training in acupuncture and prenatal care. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment please contact us! 

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