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7 Tips to Get the Most out of your Chiropractic Care and to Stay HEALTHY

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Living an active lifestyle will allow you to get the most of out of your chiropractic care in-between visits. Chiropractic care is very important aspect of overall health but it is only one aspect of health. Chiropractic care offers many important benefits such as Spinal Wellness, Postural Correction, and Optimal Nerve Function but there are many other factors that directly contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Here are my 7 tips to get the most our of your chiropractic care: H. E. A. L. T. H. Y.

Hydrate - Drink plenty of water every day and even extra water on the days you receive treatment in the office. Flushing out toxins and lactic acid helps reduce pain, control inflammation, and hydrates the soft tissue and is essential for optimal function.

Eat - Eat well. The 80/20 rule works for our family. We eat organic whole foods 80% of the time and treat ourselves to "not as healthy" meals 20% of the time. This allows us to celebrate special occasions like birthdays and holidays without completely going off track. Also, cutting out or limiting these 5 inflammatory foods is key. (Sugar, Corn, Soy, Gluten, and Dairy)

Active - It is important to stay as active as possible. A sedentary lifestyle has been consistently linked to health consequences including obesity, high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, and abnormal cholesterol levels. Getting in roughly 60 minutes of aerobic (heart pumping) exercise 3 times a week is usually a great place to start! ***BONUS! Acupuncture: Acupuncture is a perfect way to restore balance, alleviate the negative stress response, and improve entire body systems in between chiropractic treatments. Acupuncture commonly addresses pain conditions but it also offers extremely powerful stress management and relaxation benefits...after just one session!

Lie Down - We can't stress enough how important quality sleep is to your overall health. Make sure you are avoiding sleeping on your stomach as this quickly leads imbalances in the spine. It is best to sleep with a firm supportive mattress that will allow your muscles to fully rest and recover. Getting enough sleep (6-8 hours is ideal) may vary person to person.

Time - Take time for yourself. This includes being consistent with your adjustments. This is also taking time to write in a journal, read a book, take a bath, or maybe listen to music. Doing something that is just for YOU and that makes you happy. It reduces stress hormones like cortisol and increases happy hormones like endorphins and serotonin.

Homework - At a certain point, you will likely receive some homework (home exercises) that your chiropractor recommends. These are specific exercises that play a key role in your treatment and complement sessions in the office. After aligning your spine with chiropractic adjustments it is essential to strengthen those injured areas to prevent future flare ups! Unfortunately, if you skip your homework, the only person you're hurting is you!

Yoga - Yoga is a perfect way to work on your posture! As you probably know by now, posture is a key factor when it comes to health! Posture itself can often predict if a person is well or unwell. Yoga is a great combination of stretching and strengthening for your physical wellbeing and it also gently massaging your organs and clears your mind! Healing the Mind, Body, and Soul!

From the desk of Dr. Lisette Miller Kondrad. Chiropractor and Board Certified Acupuncture Provider at Clark Road Chiropractic Center in Sarasota, FL

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