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6 Car Accident Tips From Your Chiropractor

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

It's the last thing we want to have happen, but in the event you are involved in a car accident you must know how to proceed. Thousands of accidents happen every single day. The most common injuries resulting from car accidents are soft tissue sprains/strains, neck pain, headaches, shoulder pain, and back pain which often negatively impact daily life. Chiropractors are trained to evaluate the entire body and are able to request appropriate imaging when needed and refer to other providers if necessary. We communicate our findings with attorneys directly and promptly. Chiropractic care is an important step early on to reduce stress on the spine as quickly as possible. From there, we incorporate rehabilitation and exercises to regain strength and stability. Our process is thoughtfully designed to help your body heal after a car accident and get you back to normal life.

"You may quickly find yourself trying to navigate the complex world of pursuing compensation and dealing with your injuries. Chiropractic treatments often prove to be a critical aspect on an accident victim's road to recovery. By taking the proper actions following the crash, the costs of this treatment may also be covered."

Step 1. Assess yourself and others for injuries. Determine any cuts, bruises, headaches, etc. and make a note of immediate symptoms. Call for medical attention for severe injuries.

Step 2. Call the police. You must the call the police and file a claim with your insurance company if any significant injuries occurred. It is illegal to leave the scene of an accident.

Step 3. Take pictures. This includes driver's licenses, insurance information, license plates, and phone numbers. Be sure to take pictures of any visible injuries, the damage to your vehicle, and the scene of the accident.

Step 4. Talk to witnesses. An outsider's perspective on what happened can help paint a clear picture. Get their name and contact info and record their account of the events. Ask them to stay to talk to the police if possible.

Step 5: Obtain an attorney. Avoid engaging in any settlement talks with insurance companies or attorneys who represent them or the other driver. Obtain a lawyer who will protect your legal rights and help you navigate insurance companies.

Step 6. Seek chiropractic care. Call us! We can help evaluate and treat your injuries after a car accident. It is important to get evaluated within 14 days of a car accident. A chiropractor is specifically trained to identify whiplash, disc injuries, strains and sprains and will help your body recover after an accident. Not only will we evaluate and treat your injuries, we will order imaging and refer to other providers if necessary. Symptoms do not always present right away so it's a good idea to get checked out anyway to identify potential problems down the road.

This is a general to do list after a car accident. It can be a very stressful and complicated event and we will be there for you every step of the way. Most importantly, practice safe driving at all times! Do not text, read, or drive while distracted in any way. Always wear your seatbelt and practice defensive driving to protect yourself from those around you.

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