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Custom Fitting of Foot Levelers Orthotic Supports



We take great pride in providing a superior product to our patients: 
FOOT LEVELERS spinal pelvic stabilizers.


Dr. Hicklin custom castes your feet at his office and has corrective orthotics custom made for you, as indicated by your spine and postural exam findings. Postural improvement, reduced foot pain and increased energy are all benefits of custom foot orthotics.


Call Dr. Hicklin and ask about this service today at (941) 923-4357.
Support Your Feet, Heal Your Body


Your feet can be a contributing factor to pain you are experiencing - from your toes to your neck - even if your feet don't hurt.


Custom-designed orthotics could be the answer to easing your pain for a variety of ailments. 


Talk to Dr. Hicklin about custom-fit Foot Levelers to find out more!
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